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Enjoy a Private Getaway with a Yacht Charter to Hamilton Island

Create memories of a lifetime with a private yacht charter to Hamilton Island, the most famous of the Whitsunday Islands on the Great Barrier Reef. Whitsunday Sailing offers personalised service with our fun and talented crew dedicated to providing an exclusive experience away from the crowds aboard a luxury yacht.

Tips Regarding a Yacht Charter for Hamilton Island

Many companies offer yacht charters, so it’s important to know what to look for as you consider which can meet your expectations for a fantastic Whitsunday Islands holiday. 

  • Be sure the company you choose goes to the places you want to visit. Not all companies that charter yachts will have the permits to visit protected areas such as the incredible Whitehaven Beach, but Whitsunday Sailing has full access to all areas of the islands. 

  • Verify that the yacht has the amenities you want during your trip, including private cabins with ensuite bathrooms, onboard catering, and a license for serving beer, wine, and cocktails. Also, check if they provide wet suits and snorkelling gear if you are planning to explore the water to look for sea turtles and even whales. 

  • Think about the trip you expect and ensure that the yacht you charter can meet your needs. If you want a day trip to the islands or a multi-day trip onboard a luxury yacht, confirm that they offer both. Also, seek out companies that will cater the trip itinerary to your tastes as many yachts have set trip packages that may not suit your wishes for an exceptional holiday to the Whitsunday Islands. 

What Sets Whitsunday Sailing Apart Regarding a Yacht Charter to Hamilton Island

With nearly fifteen years of experience serving visitors to the Great Barrier Reef, Whitsunday Sailing stands out for our dedication to creating personalised journeys and to preserving this stunning environment with sustainable practices.


  • For any occasion—a family holiday, a honeymoon, an anniversary celebration, or a relaxing weekend getaway—we will tailor your trip with us to meet your needs and expectations for an amazing experience. Our yachts have cabins that can comfortably accommodate large families with babies and small children in luxe cabins with ensuite bathrooms. Also, we can create a romantic ambience for couples, greeting you with a glass of bubbly as you step onboard.

  • We cater to your needs to ensure the trip is precisely what you wished for and more. If you want to try your hand at sailing with us, you will be welcome to practise under our guidance! If you're going to lounge on the deck and feast your eyes on the beauty surrounding you, we will be sure you relax in utmost comfort. We can meet your dietary preferences and will do all we can to make your journey with us a pleasurable and memorable experience. We know you will love us , why don't you check out our amazing reviews and our Certificate of Excellence for 2016 , 2017 and 2018 on Trip Advisor!

  • You can feel secure knowing that we take every measure to minimise our environmental impact to the pristine nature where we live and earn our livelihood sailing. By taking steps now, including the reduction of plastic packaging we use onboard, we can preserve the islands of the Great Barrier Reef so that generations to come will be able to witness the miracle of this world wonder. Sailing with us shows your commitment to the environment as well.

About Whitsunday Sailing

Whitsunday Sailing owners Grant and Lindsay have been chartering their yachts for custom-tailored trips to the islands of the Great Barrier Reef since 2005 and believe it is the best place in Australia for sailing. We are committed to providing passengers on our gorgeous, luxury yachts with personalised service and truly memorable experience with a friendly, talented crew, hand-picked for their dedication to safety and customer satisfaction. From the moment you step onboard one of our yachts, the Providence V or MiLady, our team of caring staff will ensure that you’ll be talking about your trip to the Whitsunday Islands for years to come as one of the best holidays ever.

If you’re ready for your visit to the Whitsunday Islands, contact us to reserve your booking!

Meeting Place

The meeting place for MiLady and Providence V is at the Coral Sea Marina Resort Meeting Point B (formerly Abell Point North Marina).

PROVIDENCE: Meet us under the umbrellas at the roundabout in the Coral Sea Marina Resort Meeting Point B (formerly Abell Point Marina). 

MILADY: Meet us at the Kiosk Cafe in Coral Sea Marina Resort North.

If you are making your own way, please meet as below:

Providence V Whitsunday Sailing

Day Sails: 7:00 am AT THE LATEST

Sunset Sails 4:45 pm.

Please visit the Providence page for more information.

MiLady Whitsunday Sailing

Meet at 3.15 pm at the Kiosk Cafe Coral Sea North Marina 

Please visit MiLady page for more information.

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Please click on the map to enlarge the meeting point.

Please don't be late. Make sure we have a contact phone number for you.


Whitsunday Sailing has an accessibility policy and we aim to be inclusive and welcome all guests irrespective of disability. (Please see additional info below)*. We welcome all guests of all abilities and ages including infants to enjoy sailing with us. 

We welcome guide dogs on board for visually impaired guests and our crew have been trained to cater to both visually and hearing impaired guests. We allow wheelchairs and strollers on board as long as they are collapsible and can be safely stored. 

*Please note our vessels are not suitable for guests considering the day sail who are solely reliant on a wheelchair as the toilet (head) on both vessels are downstairs off the saloon and only accessed by the stairs and it is a 9-hr sail. Also, we would not be able to take the wheelchair to Whitsunday Island for the walk to Hill Inlet. Our sunset sails however are shorter (2 hours) and may be considered suitable for those reliant on a wheelchair if it can be stored below. 

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