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We are serious about our carbon footprint...

Taking care of the environment is not just a passion but a necessity for Whitsunday Sailing. That is why we joined Earth Check's Whitsunday Regional Council Healthy Heart initiative to measure, manage and report our sustainability performance. What exactly is our carbon footprint?

EarthCheck is the world’s leading scientific benchmarking certification and advisory group for travel and tourism.

So far we are excited to announce that we have benchmarked all of our carbon emissions for the year of 2020. This is not solely recording obvious things like fuel output but also measuring things such as emissions created by crew and passengers travelling to and from our marina and much more.

We will continue to record as much data as possible to keep our company and our community as eco friendly as can be.

Our aim is to become an Earth Check Regional Leader for our industry which requires an exemplary recorded standard of eco performance.

We believe making small changes can lead to incredible results, and will also help us inform our future guests on our upcoming eco tours. Watch this space....

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