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Charter a Private Yacht for Luxury Sailing to the Whitsundays

Feel the breeze on your face, with a glass of bubbly in hand, and a crew catering to your needs as you enjoy luxury sailing to the Whitsundays aboard a private yacht. This dream can become a reality when you charter a trip with Whitsunday Sailing and visit the most gorgeous islands in Australia aboard a private yacht and talented crew tailoring the experience to your tastes.

When Booking Luxury Sailing to the Whitsundays Consider This

As you browse options for luxury sailing trips to the incomparable Whitsunday Islands, there are details you should look for in the company you select to ensure you have an incredible experience. 

  • Make sure the yacht has the amenities you want for a comfortable trip. Our fibreglass modern French yacht, MiLady, has well-appointed cabins with ensuite bathrooms and a fully licensed bar on board with catering that will meet the dietary preferences of our guests. 

  • Verify that the crew has experience sailing in the area. With the growing popularity of tours around the Whitsunday Islands, companies have been cropping up to meet the demand. However, not all yachts have staff with the experience and talent to provide guests with a memorable and safe experience sailing around the islands. We have nearly 15 years of experience and have been living in the Whitsundays for a long time, working with our small, handpicked crew of knowledgeable and passionate skippers and deckhands.

  • If you are chartering a private yacht, confirm that the company can meet your expectations for an incredible journey that you will thoroughly enjoy. A cookie-cutter itinerary, visiting the crowded spots will be a disappointment if you desire a personalised and exclusive tour of the islands. 

What Customers Can Expect from Whitsunday Sailing Regarding Luxury Sailing to the Whitsundays

Not all luxury yachts provide the incredible customer experience that we offer on board our two wooden tall ships during trips to the islands of the Great Barrier Reef. 

  • We take things slowly as we sail, which creates a truly relaxing experience as we move through the crystalline waters of the Coral Sea. There’s no loud motor propelling us at high speeds. Instead, you can lounge on the deck, basking in the sunshine while enjoying a fresh fruit plate, as you take in the pristine nature surrounding you. This experience is true luxury sailing. 

  • Our crew will cater the trip to meet your expectations. We can take you to the best snorkelling spots if you want, or you can even try your hand at sailing the yacht if you so desire. If you prefer to unwind with a glass of wine, you can ensure you enjoy that, too. We take pride in offering our guests personalised service during day trips or multi-day trips on our luxury yachts. 

  • Visit exclusive beaches away from the crowds of the Whitsunday visitors. Having lived in the area for years, we know where to anchor and when to visit specific beaches, including the famous Whitehaven Beach, to avoid the crowds. This privacy provides our guests with unfettered access to the beauty of the islands during their trip. 

What You Stand to Gain by Choosing Whitsunday Sailing

Whitsunday Sailing has been providing unparalleled customer service aboard our beautiful, luxury yachts Providence V and MiLady for nearly fifteen years during sailing trips around the Whitsunday Islands. Owners Grant and Lindsay carefully selected the talented crew, and we go above and beyond to ensure that all passengers who charter our yachts for luxury sailing tours around the Great Barrier Reef have a spectacular holiday tailored to their desires. For quality, safety, comfort, and a truly personalised experience exploring Australia’s most stunning beaches, there is no better option than Whitsunday Sailing for an extraordinary sailing trip. 

To charter a luxury yacht for a tour of the Whitsunday islands, contact us  to make a reservation.