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We've adopted two beautiful islands: Dumbbell and Peter's Bay on Whitsunday Island not far from Whitehaven Beach.

These special places are being monitored for coral life; marine debris and noxious weeds. These islands have few visitors apart from the occasional White Bellied Sea Eagle and a Proserpine wallaby. 

Come and spend some time in nature and help us look after them.

We offer specially designed School Reef tours which help students understand the power of wind as energy on a traditional sailing boat and how to count our carbon emissions; collect marine debris and check coral health. 

Or why not charter or hire a cabin on MiLady and spend a day helping to conserve our Great Barrier Reef; then slip into the sunset; visit Whitehaven without the crowds and dine on tantalising local cuisine.


Once upon a time...

There was no mining of fossil fuels. The oceans were much cooler than they are now.

In the past five years, three separate bleaching events have ripped through the Great Barrier Reef.  Cyclone Debbie has wreaked havoc on our local fringing reefs. More than ever, they need a chance to recover.

We are offering special tours to help do just that. And the good news is the coral is recovering - every day we see a difference. The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority has a large task looking after every corner of our magnificent reef which stretches 2,300 km. That's why it's the only living organism to be seen from outer space.

That's where you come in...

After some online training provided by GBRMPA, you can learn more about our complex reef system and all its biodiversity. What's more, you can walk along the beaches in these beautiful locations and help to rid them of the marine debris that is scattered across their shores and is lethal for marine creatures like our green turtles and dugongs.

Let's help preserve the reef for our future generations...

We welcome school and educational groups on board our 62ft gaff-rigged schooner to spend a day conserving our reef.  Or if you would prefer small groups, set sail on our beautiful yacht MiLady. Spend a day doing your bit to conserve the reef and get involved in monitoring coral health; collecting marine debris and learning about the importance of mangroves for our ecosystem.  Then take time to relax and walk to the top of the famous lookout to see Whitehaven one of the world's best-known beaches and luxuriate in its dazzling white sands and swim in the turquoise water . Be tempted by some delicious meals while on board with our small number of guests (6 guests and 2 crew) with local cuisine and drinks from our fully licensed bar.

Or join us for an adventure - a week long ecotour expedition to some of the outer islands where we have a packed itinerary around conservation.

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