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Memorable Airlie Beach Boat Tours Set Sail from a Vibrant, Fun Town

We want to share our passion for sailing with you on our Airlie Beach boat tours. Whitsunday Sailing sets the standard for adventure and service in trips leaving from Airlie Beach. Read how we excel in making your journey memorable.

Tips Regarding Airlie Beach Sailing

There are many reasons to begin a sailing adventure from Airlie Beach. Its subtropical climate means you can enjoy the weather year-round. Read more about why Airlie Beach will become your favourite spot for an extended vacation after returning from an adventure with us:

  • Whitehaven Beach is one of the most recognised beaches in the world. It is situated on Whitsunday Island and is accessible from Airlie Beach by helicopter, boat or plane. Why rush to the location in a motor-powered vehicle when you can sail quietly through the beautiful waters to reach your destination?

  • Airlie Beach is the entry to the 74 Whitsunday Islands. Before you leave and upon finishing your sailing adventure, the town offers a plethora of restaurants, bars, shops, and accommodation lining the main beach. The main reason people visit Airlie Beach, however, is because of the access it provides to the Great Barrier Reef.

  • Conway National Park is close to Airlie Beach. Before setting sail from the harbour, visit the park and enjoy the secluded beaches, tropical rainforest, the open forest, and the mangroves. 

What sets Whitsunday Sailing Apart from the Crowd Regarding Airlie Beach Yacht Hire?

We are an environmentally friendly  enterprise with a small carbon footprint. We care deeply about the experience of those who set sail with us and enjoy what we do. We aim to be the best in Airlie Beach boat tours: 


  • Our passion is to honour and protect the Great Barrier Reef, which is threatened by climate change. We provide chilled water rather than bottled water and use recycled paper cups. Our lunches come with minimum wrapping, and our toilets are environmentally friendly.

  • Our business is family-owned and operated, and our children all learned to sail the two yachts we own. Grant’s daughter works on board as a deckhand. Our work is our passion, and we pass that enthusiasm to you.

  • Our crew stands above the rest. You’ll read in published reviews that they are welcoming, accommodating, and knowledgeable. They consistently work hard to make your experience memorable.

About Whitsunday Sailing

We acquired Providence V on our honeymoon in 2003 and purchased Milady ten years later. We want to share our passion for sailing with you and hope that you enjoy the slower, quieter pace of gliding through the waters. We emphasise family tours and are one of the few companies that allow children under four-years-old on board. There are rooms below to accommodate mothers with infants. Contact us and let us answer any questions you have.

When you are ready to make memories that will last a lifetime, look to us for the best Airlie Beach boat tours. Join us for your next adventure, and you’ll feel the contentment that comes with sailing.