Boat Hire in the Whitsundays

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Make Memories Last with the Best Boat Hire in the Whitsundays

What better way to enjoy the sunshine and water around Queensland than boat hire in the Whitsundays? Whitsunday Sailing takes care of the details when you charter our 54-foot sailing yacht, Mi Lady.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of Sailing Milady

One of the many reasons to charter our 54-foot sailing yacht is the crew that takes care of you throughout your time onboard. Continue reading why chartering a private yacht is considered the best way to travel: 

  • Chartering Milady means that you can create your schedule. You choose when to wake up, have breakfast, or anchor for dinner. You may enjoy a jam-packed schedule that includes a stop onshore for a multiple-mile jog before lunch. Alternatively, you can choose to sit on deck from sunrise to sunset and never move a muscle.

  • You are travelling with a captain and crew who are local authorities of the area. They offer you access to the inaccessible, whether it is a secret harbour or a secluded beach. A private charter gives you quality time with family and friends. Laughter is infectious when the only thing between you and your loved ones is a warm ocean breeze. 

What you can expect from Whitsunday Sailing Regarding Chartering Milady

Your journey begins the moment you step onto Milady. The memories you make will stay with you for a lifetime. Discover what is in store for your excursion:

  • Whether you choose a day sail or a three-night adventure, the experience will include a full crew who caters every meal. You can opt to rent a cabin and meet new people on the journey, or you can invite friends and family to share the main cabin and two staterooms. 

  • The crew wants to know ahead of time, what is your favourite drink and how you like your coffee. It will be available the moment you board or wake up in the morning. We also cater to your musical tastes and dietary requirements throughout your sail.

  • There are complimentary water sport activities such as stand-up-paddle. We guide you to some of the best places to snorkel in the Whitsundays, and each trip guarantees a visit to Whitehaven Beach. You can dive from the back deck of the yacht into the gorgeous waters. All your activity will increase your appetite for a fresh-fish BBQ for dinner.

Why Whitsunday Sailing is Cost-Effective

Where can you find oceanfront living at such an affordable price? A beach home or oceanfront hotel is beyond the budget of most people. A charter with us means you aren’t renting a car to tote you from place to place, nor do you having to choose a different restaurant for every meal. The energy and stress of a land vacation evaporate on our charters. Contact us so that we can answer all your questions. 

A fun-filled adventure begins the moment you step on board our luxurious yacht. Join us to start the memory of a lifetime.